Do People Really Need Four Couches?

I find it hard to be serious when I write.

It’s the sarcastic jack ass in me. She is just dying to get out. All the time. But, I try to keep my reigns on her. Because she can pop out at really the most inappropriate times.

And, I guess that is when people meet me, after only knowing me from my Mommy’s Weird, they are surprised at who I really am.

I’m a prude.

And, I don’t always talk like a “trucker”.

Which is actually awful stereotype for “truckers”.  I’m sure they don’t appreciate that.

See, I am also a very caring person.

Today, I tried to be serious over at Julie Nowell.  So if you are looking for me today, that is where I am, and because I can’t be 100% serious, you will still get to read me behaving like a stupid home owner.