The Best Snack On The Planet…

I recently visited with a pretty special friend.  In fact, she is probably the most fun friend I have.  She is absolutely hilarious, ridiculous, selfish but extremely thoughtful.

She is a brat.  Seriously, a damn brat.  But, I wouldn’t change “C” for anything.  She, solely, is responsible for 80% of my favourite College memories.

Stuff I cannot repeat.

Stuff, I want to repeat, but I should really forget.

There is one thing I will always be thankful for.  She was responsible for creating The Best Snack on The Planet.

Let me preface this by saying that I was super duper lucky in college to make Four Best Friends, C, C2, R and A.  That even 10 years later, I would trust any of them with giving me an enema.

I am also thankful for the “Random Residence Housing Selector” at college too. Luckily, C, C2 and I were put in the same house on Residence with A and R in the house just behind us. We could actually look right into their window at night.  I believe we even tried to rig up an old telephone system from house to house.  Which, I was a super duper pro at because I used to do with my friend in Jr. High.

Oh, I’m supposed to be telling you about, The Best Snack on The Planet.


I’ll get there.

I promise.

One night there was, screaming, howling, laughing, banging coming from the room next to mine. Surprisingly it wasn’t a one night stand, because C was perfectly promiscuous. It was awesome. I loved checking out her one night stands in the morning.  My favourite was “hooting and howling” at them as they did the walk for shame.

Where was I…?

Right, The Best Snack on The Planet….

So, I was in my room and heard all this noise. My door was locked,  (forget what I said before about letting them give me an enema, I really don’t trust those bitches), when there was a loud bang at my door and a note flew under it that said, “This is QAF’ riffic”

What the hell? “QAF’ riffic”?

Of course, I had to investigate. Off I went in my Piggy Pajama’s to C’s room. Only to find C and C2 watching what I thought was gay porn.

It wasn’t. It was Queer as Folk, which really isn’t far off from gay porn. From then on “QAF Night” was born.

I still haven’t told you about the snack yet, have I?

So, we all got pretty chuby in College.  I should take responsibility for that. I literally turned A into a fat little pumpkin. I am still not sure if her mother has forgiven me.

It was during “QAF Night”, that The Best Snack on The Planet, was born.

Popcorn, smothered in butter, topped with M&M’s.

We named it, “Butter Lake.”

I still eat it today.

Though, its just not the same to eat it alone, without my friends and without my dancing gay men.