Movie Review: Midnight in Paris and American Reunion…

I hurt myself working out.

Nothing too major. I pulled a calf muscle. It has taken a good week of rest for the stupid thing to calm down. Every step has been a major pain in the calf.

So, instead of working out at night, Zed and I have been watching movies.

Tough life.

The other night we watched the Woody Allen film, Midnight in Paris I realize not everyone is going to “get” this film.  But, we “got” it big time.   I cannot say enough good things about this movie. Last year it pretty much won all the awards for Best Screenplay.  It is just awesome. It’s a bit tricky to explain, but its a Romantic/Comedy/Fantasy. I am so glad that I read The Paris Wife. Because if hadn’t, I wouldn’t have been able to act super smart to my husband. Seriously.  I acted like such a know-it-all during this film, I am pretty sure he was impressed with my knowledge of the 1920’s.

Or he was ignoring me.


Owen Wilson plays Gil, a writer who is in Paris with his condescending fiancée, Rachel McAdams.  One night at midnight, time seems to be turned back on Gil and he ends up in a different time. The 1920’s to be exact.  He meets and becomes friends with Cole Porter, F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald, Gertrude Stein and Ernest Hemingway.  Okay, that was confusing. Let me dumb it down, during the day, he is in 2011 and at midnight he is in the 1920’s.

Please see this movie. Pretty please.

I cannot say the same thing for this movie….

I love the American Pie movies. Well, I did.  When I first watched American Pie [Blu-ray] American Pie 2 [Blu-ray] and American Pie Wedding [Blu-ray] I totally dug them. I thought they were absolutely hilarious. But, then we sat down to watch American Reunion.

Um.. not so good.

I don’t know if I forgot what American Pie movies were about, but in the first five minutes of American Reunion, I was reminded.  And not gently.  I was actually a tad embarrassed that I found it funny. In my defence, the first five minutes are pretty funny.  Mostly because it is bit like my life. Definitely a lot more crude than my life, but there was a tad of Zed and I in there.

It was nice to see Tara Reid. She looked good. Actually, I reacted to her the same way I reacted to people I didn’t want to see at my own High School Reunion. “Hi, good to see you. You look good. Do you know where the vodka is? Is it flavoured vodka?”

The best part of this movie by far was Eugene Levy.

He is so much more than eyebrows.  Just ask Stiffler’s Mom.