May-December Romance…

If you haven’t been to Mommy’s Weird before, you will soon notice that I am obsessed with talking about the fact that I weigh 200 lbs.

And not in a bad way.

I say it the same annoying way that a super fit woman complains about how the size small at Lululemon is too big on her hot little body.

I’m sort of cool with it. It’s starting to no longer be the end of the world for me to weigh 200 lbs.

Of course I want a hot little body.

Speaking of hot little bodies….

Are you watching Survivor?

The woman on the left is Denise,  she is 41 and she is a damn machine. I am madly in love with Denise and I am secretly hoping that she will accept the invite I emailed her to spend Christmas with me and my family.

I totally hope she’s on my team when we play “Pictionary”.

I added this picture, because the guy on the right, Malcolm, is her alley.  And sickly I am waiting for the two of them to make out. A little May-December romance, if you will.

By the way, I have two very good friends, since elementary school,  who married little “boy toys”.  I know I shouldn’t call them “boy toys” because they love these men and have beautiful children with them. But, it entertains me to no end to tease them about marrying little boys that not only could they have baby sat, but are also at least a decade younger than they are. And I’m 35. Do the math.  My friends are practically married to the members of, “One Direction”.

But, my friends rebuttal is always the same.

They like to remind me how skinny they are from having so much sex with their child-husbands.

So, technically its not my fault that I weigh 200 lbs.

It’s my husband’s.

Maybe I will trade him in for a newer model?

I wonder if Malcolm is single…..