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I’d like to introduce you to my Guest Blogger, Kristi.  I started to follow her blog, the robot mommy, very soon after I started blogging.   In fact we sort of became friends after I wrote a post about how my armpits look like vaginas‘ and in a moment of Blogger Panic, I thought I had stolen it from her. Turns out, she “got” my crazy and also had armpits that look like vaginas.She always makes me laugh at her love of bacon and hockey.  I think those are two signs that she is actually Canadian. But, she’s as American as apple bacon pie.

Why I Put the La La Loco in living in L.A.

My friend, Kyla, is sort of a rock star. She’s a DJ out in the Great White North and mother. Having both of those professions on your resume pretty much makes me swoon over her a little bit. em Ok, a LOT!em and I was honored when she asked me to guest post over at her place about my life in Los Angeles this week. 

I’ve lived in California since birth. It’s been like a migration if you look at my home record. Despite a slight detour to Arizona, I’ve moved downward from Central Cali to my current home on L.A.  

I like to think L.A. is where I’ve always hung my robot bolts and nuts.

Everything you’ve heard about LA is true. No, really. All the crap and all the awesomeness- true stuff. We are a freaking melting pot of crazy. We can be selfish and spoiled. We can be genuine, environmental and health conscious. We can barely manage on the cost of living out here but we can also promote our no-talent fat asses and spend money on lucite cribs for our new babies. 

It’s hard to really pin a stereotype on L.A. because, honestly, this place has such a diverse group living here. It’s like watching Big Brother. Everyone lives in harmony in the beginning but in the end, it’s about survival. And the survival  part is different for all. 

Have you ever since a documentary of animals living in the wild? The one that’s closer to the top of the food chain has the advantage. OR in many cases puts the most crap on YouTube. 

Look, because I’ve lived in SoCal most of my life, the mere thought of living somewhere else makes me physically sick. This is my home, my life. As crazy and fucked-up politically and education wise and you name it that California is, there is a reason that people flock here. 

It’s not just about the weather anymore. 


the robot mommy is a caffeine ninja trained in the ways of Starbucks before turning her attention to being a full time mommy of 2, amazing wife, and hilarious blogger friend to parents everywhere.