The Book Store…

I grew up in a small town where we couldn’t get new books. Yes, there was the school library, but I had read every single book in it.

I swear this is almost true.

There was also the Seniors Drop In Centre. Not only could you play shuffle board, snooker and steal a home made cookie or seven….


Why was it that your Mom’s Ginger Snap cookies never taste as good as the Cookie Ladies from the Drop In?   Seriously, how did she make them so big?  And crackly?  And sugary? Andy why did it feel so good, yet so wrong to steal them?

See how food takes over my life?

I think I was talking about books.

Any who…

At The Drop In Centre, you could also borrow books or buy them for a dime, or something along those lines.

The Drop In Centre is where I would find tons of inappropriate books to read.  Stuff about womens loins, which I was sure had something to do with porkchops.

It’s also where I found and devoured this gem about Vanna White

I was obsessed with Pop Culture when I was a kid. Remember how pissed I was that I had to miss “Entertainment Tonight”  to go to play baseball
When it came to books, I was born to the right family. Rarely was I told,  “No” when it came to books. Whenever we went to the city,  I was pretty much always guaranteed to get a book or two.  And at that age, I wasn’t really reading anything worth reading.

I was obsessed with this book…..

I read it about twelve times, which I think was the age Drew Barrymore did cocaine for the first time. Poor little Drew Barrymore, like other little twelve year old girls she should have been thinking about Baby sitting and reading the most important series of books in the entire world…

The Baby Sitters Club was my cocaine.  I couldn’t get enough of these books.  Totally hooked. Kristy, Claudia, Mary Anne and Stacey, were my crack.  And thankfully my parents supported my habit.

My favourite family memories are in the “Book Store”.  There was this great book store in the mall called “Candlewood Books.”  The deal was, whenever we got to the mall, we had to meet in 2 hours at the “Book Store.”  So, off we would all go on our separate ways, and then usually an hour and a half into our 2 hours, we would all end up meeting at the “Book Store”.  Then, another hour or so later, we would all finally leave the “Book Store”, with bags in tow. 

And not to wish my children’s life away, but I look forward to telling Whirlwind and Baby Bot to meet Mommy and Daddy at 3 p.m. at ” The Book Store.”

I also look forward to buying Whirlwind the biography about The Wiggles and their addiction to meth, heroin, prescription pills and banging hookers.

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