Charlize Theron Bullies in Young Adult…

I’ve been wanting to watch the movie Young Adult with Charlize Theron ever since I first heard that the character is probably the most unlikeable person on the planet.

I’m not sure why that interested me, but it did. Probably because she is so damn beautiful. She really is. I could stare at her for hours.

Whoa. That was embarrassing.

So, the movie is really, really good.  But, Mavis is such a selfish human being that there was one scene that I actually covered my face and plugged my ears.  Then, I actually had to get up and leave the room.  Does she kill anyone? No.  Does she physically hurt anyone? No.

More than anything I was embarrassed for her.  She is definitely the classic a-hole.

Notice how I didn’t swear.  I’m working on that. My Auntie told me that I was creative enough to think of other words to use instead of swear words in my blog.  I got news for you Auntie, I’m not. But, I am going to use the short form of swear words instead.  I can hardly wait to use the term “F-Bomb”

Any who….

This is the perfect movie for someone who is still dealing with the pain caused to them from the “Most Popular Girl/Boy in High School”.

Because after watching this you will most definitely feel better about yourself. And maybe you will get over it.  I mean high school was 20 years ago.  Let’s all together and let those wounds go.


Deep breathe.

Repeat after me…

“I will no longer dwell on what happened to me in Jr.  High and High school. I will use those memories to make myself a better person. Because I really like myself the way I am. And I turned out to be friggn’ damn awesome. So suck on that…. oh and you know the school bus you used to tease me on? Well, I hope you get a hemorrhoid the exact same size of that bus.”


I got issues.

Anyone have a good therapist they could suggest?