The Life of A Super Model Sucks…

Around the time I got pregnant with Baby Bot, I quit exercising.   So, its been about three years since I have gotten my “sweat on”.

Four weeks ago, I started exercising again.

I feel really good.


Seriously, I am not feeding you a line of horse poopous.

I actually feel…really… damn… good.

I mean, there are obviously things that are not good about the entire process. Like the kids taking my weights. Or jumping on my stomach while I do abs. Or when they attempt to get on the treadmill with me.

But, besides all that, the only thing I find really difficult about working out is finding the time to do it.

It’s almost impossible.

Not only do I need a 45 minutes to “work out”. I also need an additional 45 minutes to shower and towel off my chubby booty and get presentable for the public eye.

Or if I go to a Zumba class, the entire process takes almost two hours out of my day.

All of this is bloody exhausting.

You know what else must be really bloody exhausting?

Doing this sort of stuff all the time.

Being a super model would really, really suck.

Can you imagine how much time they must spend taking care of themselves?

Workouts. Calorie Counting. Hair Cuts. Highlights. Blow Outs. Waxing. Pedicures. Manicures. Spray tans.  Tweezing. Shaving.  Fake eyelashes. Gel nails. Microdermabrasion.

What the hell is microdermabrasion, anyways?

I think its some sort of hard core loofah event.

Can you even imagine how long she had to loofah her body for?

And again, where the hell is her vulva?

I think she loofah’ed it off.