Dear Friend….

I’d like to introduce you to my first Guest Blogger, Catherine.  I’m not exactly sure how I started to follow her blog, the dabels divulge.  Let’s just say it happened organically.  If you call blogging, facebook, and twitter, organic.  We share a love of trash t.v, camping (snort, snicker) and social media.  Catherine is a fantastic writer. I hope you enjoy her as much as I do.

Dear Friend

The other day I received an email. My computer tagged it as spam but now that I’ve read it no less than 17 times I’m not so sure. It’s full of intrigue and suspense. I think I may have stumbled onto something truly awesome. The opportunity of a lifetime. We don’t let those slip away, do we?

We might even be…saved.

Let’s break it down, shall we?

It starts with Dear Friend.

Oh, my soul, they called me friend. I have goosebumps. How did they know that not only am I friendly but I’m always looking for new friends? I have a good feeling about this.

It goes on to say, I am writing you this email from Kabul, Afghanistan as the last batch of our men just left.

I am both flattered and honored that as they are wrapping up all their war type things they felt the urge to drop me a line.

And then he tells me his name. Anderson Clinton. That’s a nice name, is it not? It’s so unique and not the least bit contrived. And, if Anderson Clinton happens to drop you a line offering up his friendship you should ignore it because HE’S ALL MINE! He’s my new friend. Hands off.

He said, we got your email from our email directory and we want you to assist us, that is why we contacted you.

They want me! And I truly believe they do. Because, really now, who are we kidding, who doesn’t want me? And also, they need my assistance.

Again, honored.

The Fund was discovered in the hood of Iraqi Dead dictator when we were first deployed in Iraq. Okay, the grammar isn’t awesome, cut the guy some slack. Although our men returned money to the US army which was subsequently returned to the Iraqi treasury; 

This is crazy exciting, isn’t it? But wait, it gets better.

but we weren’t stupid to give in all the money. 

Heaven have mercy, for a sec there I was worried they might be stupid, or something very close to stupid, to give back all the money.

Though I am scary telling you about this on email. Even though I think I’m scary for reading this all on email, I press on.

But the one question is. Here it comes, are you ready for it? The one and only question is…..

Can you be trusted?

He actually asked me that. Anderson Clinton wants to know if I can be trusted.

Pfft, what kind of ridiculous question is that?

Of course not.

Now… you must excuse me. I have very important correspondence to attend to.

Catherine Dabels is a mom to 4, wife to 1, blogger, student and begrudging dog owner. She is a lover of short sentences and a master of the run-on.  You can find her writing painfully witty and sarcastic things over at