Dance Mix 94…

I had a hot date.

And not with my husband.

It was with a male friend from high school. It has been about 10 years since we had seen each other, but really 17 years since we had had a real meaningful conversation.

Saying it was really nice to see him would be an under statement.  It was truly amazing to see him.  Amazing to see that life has treated him well. Amazing to see that he is happy. Amazing that he has most of the same memories of high school that I have.

Memories that I didn’t know I still had.  Memories that were hidden in some tiny little part in my brain that were trying to get out.   And out they got.  We talked and talked and talked and talked.  When I finally looked at my watch it was near eleven o’clock and time to get home to my husband.

But, I couldn’t sleep. My brain was going a mile a minute. And something my friend said really stuck with me.

While reminiscing he said,  “This probably isn’t good thinking about all these things. Maybe there was a reason we hadn’t thought about them in a while.”

And he was right.

All seriousness aside, why the hell do I need to remember, ” I Like To Move It” by Reel to Reel?
I don’t.
But, I choose too.
It has been 2 days since our visit and I have been stuck in the 90’s since.
I can’t seem to get back. 
And I am loving every second of it.
Excuse me while I go and dance to this…
And in case your forgot, it’s in this order:
Enigma- Return to Innocence
Captain Hollywood Project- More & More
Reel to Real- I Like To Move It
The Shamen- Love, Sex and Intelligence
Bizarre Inc. – I’m Gonna Get You
Salt N Peppa- Shoop
Snow- Informer
Robin S – Show Me Love
Ce Ce Peniston- Finally
BKS- I’m In Love With You
Toni De Bart- The Real Thing
Urban Cookie Collective- Feels Like Heaven
Corona- Rhythm of the Night
Maxx- Get-a-way
2 Unlimited- The Real Thing