The Sisters Brothers….

I got super duper hooked on a fantastic book this summer.

And it totally shocked me. Not for one second did I even think I would enjoy a book about the gold rush.  Or horses.

I hate animal books.


Especially talking animals.


No worries, no talking horses in this book.


It has won all the big Canadian Literay Awards, so I knew it had to be some sort of decent. I actually bought it for my Dad and Father in Law for Christmas before even reading it myself.

I loved this book. I couldn’t put it down. It was very contemporary and actually kind of hip.

I know a “Hip Western”.  Who knew?

Charlie and Eli Sister are brothers. Hence the name The Sisters Brothers and they are assassins in the 1850’s.   Charlie is everything you would expect an assassin to be while his brother Eli is pudgy and soft, but still kills people. I picture him as John C. Reilly.

Who stars in the one of the best films of all time, Step Brothers.

FYI: I know Will and John are no Marky Mark. Just squint your eyes a bit.