The Dilly Bar

At 3 p.m.the other day, the only thing on my mind was ice cream.

I needed it.

My family needed it.

It was time to spoil our supper.

On our way to Dairy Queen, Whirlwind was trying to tell us what she wanted. I couldn’t quite figure out what the hell she was talking about, but Zed knew.

“She wants a chocolate dipped cone.”  He said.

It’s so handy that he speaks Whirlwind.

I mostly speak Baby Bot.  So its good having him around.

We ordered and headed  outside to the patio.  The server brought out our order and Whirlwind looked very puzzled.

“Where’s my stick?”, she asked.

“Your stick…..” I pondered.

“Oh,” Zed said, ” You wanted a dilly bar! Sorry sweetie, Daddy misunderstood.”

And then Whirlwind said the most profound thing.

Wait for it…..


It’s totally worth it….

She said, “That’s okay Daddy. A banana without its peel is still a banana.”


That is really what she said.

My eyes bugged out of my head.  I almost passed out on the cement patio. Did she really just say that, “A BANANA WITHOUT ITS PEEL IS STILL A BANANA”!!????!!!!

And even in the right context.

Zed looked at me and smiled.  Then he mouthed something at me.  And it took me a few attempts to figure out what he was trying to tell me without Whirlwind knowing.

“Arthur.” He said.  “She got that from Arthur.”

Good Ol’ Arthur.
Way to go Arthur!  Keep it up!  You can parent in my house any time.
But not you, Binky.
You are an idiot.