Hell’s Kitchen…..

Zed and I have become addicted to Hell’s Kitchen Season 7. I’m not sure how it happened.  Probably because all of our other favourite television shows are on holidays.

Which is a load of crap.

Who do you think you are? Teachers?

Get back to work, monkeys. Entertain me.

What was I talking about…..?

Oh right.

Hell’s Kitchen.

I can’t even say that we like the show. It’s a total train wreck.  And its in its 10th season. How can that be?   It’s not even that good.

Half the time Zed covers his eyes in embarrassment.  And half the time I am yelling at the “red” team to shut the hell up. The best part about the show is the cooking, but its also filled with a bunch of super rough people swearing at each other. 

My Mom won’t read “Mommy’s Weird”, because she hates all the “f talk”.  Imagine if she watched this show?  She’d die.  No really.  She would die.


Here is the really sad part….

After going on and on about what a crappy show it is and that I cannot believe its in its 10th season.  Zed and I cannot get enough of it.  We watched 2 episodes last night. 

We love it.

Chef Gordon Ramsay is scary as hell. If he told me to “Piss Off”. I would burst into tears. 
Or pee my pants.
Chances are I would probably poop my pants.
I am prone to that.
Actually, his forehead would be perfect to clean my poopy pants with.  

Now, that’s what I call a “washboard”.

And if you care, Justin is totally going to win.  I called it in the 3rd episode.
UPDATE: Justin did not win. Christina did. Meh.