Florescent Poop….

Whoop. Whoop.  I’m feeling rejuvenated.  We just got home from our summer vacation.  We headed back to Zed’s parents. There are many highlights of our family trip.  But, the biggest one for Zed and I was our ten year college reunion.

We got pretty drunk.

And we did some other stuff too, like visiting the first radio station that ever hired us.  We also checked out our old apartments, res rooms and drinking spots.  We toured around our old campus and were happy to see that they were finally dropping some well deserved money into Communication Arts.  

It was the best. Also, because it was the first time we had a weekend together without the kids in over 3 years. Funny, because he slept in the boys residence and I was in the girls. Each of us in our own twin bed. 

Pure Bliss.

It was also pure bliss because I was one hundred percent me.

But worse.

Much, much, much worse. I would never let my non college friends hear me say the things that I said this weekend.

Any ways, I wanted to share a Facebook message that I got from one of my old college roomies. I made her message me her recent experience at the LCBO.

Here goes:

ok, so I don’t remember exactly how the conversation got started but two sweet North Bay locals were obviously getting their weekend supplies (or maybe just Friday Night supplies) when they ran into each other in the line.  The one who had a similar look to the uni-bomber, was the one doing all the talking, I think the other guy just wanted to get away, especially when he started bringing up “his shits”.  He says to his buddy, “Yeah, I’ve been cutting back on the drinking too, cuz I forget how it makes me shit and the fact that I like to mix with slushy’s always scares me the next day.  I get up in the morning and got for a shit and when I look down I think Man, why is my shit green? Then I remember all the food colouring in my slushy, hahaha, just freaks me out, hahahaha.”

What a gem.