Vodka, Puke….Take A Shot…

Growing up in a small town has really sucked for a lot of things in my life.  Mainly anything to do with my self esteem.  I have such a love/hate relationship with my home town.



Sorry about that. I refuse to get “deep” again on this blog. Unless I am talking about the movie, “Deep Throat.”

But, the one thing it has given me that I will forever be thankful for is wonderful friends.  Do I think that they are sitting around and talking about what an idiot I am on their “ladies nights”?  Sometimes. But, in the exact  same breath, that is what I love about my friends from back home.

They are honest. They are funny.  And most importantly, they drink.

But, I like most of them more now that I have moved away from home.

Some friends are better from a distance.


See that?  That was a passive aggressive smiley face.

I do have something I would like to share.

I have fallen in love.

I have fallen in love with a television show. Surprise, Surprise.  It is called Best Friends Forever. If you have a best friend that you can truly be an ass around then you will be able to relate to this show.

Watching this show is what having a best friend is all about.  It is quirky, it is fun and it is perfect.  If you are not watching this show. You must.  I really, really, really think you will like it.
I have blogged before about wanting a best friend like I had when I was a kid 
But when I think back to it, I guess I really want the friends I had in college.  Now those were girls that you could truly absolutely be 100% yourself around.  My greatest memories of true friendship are with my Radio Girls.  Who else would pour a beer over your head?  Who else would steal dumb things like a remote control, Subway Restaurant signs and computer chairs?  Who else would help you lie about your brother being Wayne Gretzky?  Who else would encourage you to eat 40 wings, six beer and then eat a Dairy Queen Blizzard? Who else would hold your hair as you threw up in the bar bathroom and then give you a tequila shot?
Sweet Jesus. 
Anyone know of a Mennonite Private School I can send my daughter too?