Why Is Everyone Hugging?

When did this happen?

It feels like everyone decided that the best way to say “hello”  was with a hug.
I was definitely not doing this in High School and University.
Sidenote: I was doing some other really inappropriate ways of saying hello.  I guess I should have been giving hugs instead.  Might have saved my reputation for a year or two.
Any ways….
I’ve been trying to pinpoint the year this must have happened to society.
Can we blame “Friends”?
Joey and Chandler hugged a lot.
And I mean a lot.
 Surprisingly, I’ve become a hugger. Mostly, because I think I am supposed to be.
I meet my Hot Mom’s for sushi….I give them a hug. Why? I just saw them yesterday!
I see someone who gave me a donation for my Relay for Life Team…I give them a hug. Wouldn’t just a simple “thank you” do?
I run into the midwives who delivered my children and suddenly my arms are open wide. It’s like my brain is chanting, HUG, HUG, HUG!  Well, maybe hugging the women who delivered your children is a bit  different.  I mean, they have already seen my vagina.  At its worst. Or actually, at its best. Depends who you ask.

Where was I?

Right. Hugging. Damn Vagina Talk.


I’m still a bit confused by all the hugging going on.
At the mall, I’m noticing teenagers running up to each other and giving hugs. Boys to girls, girls to girls, girls to boys, boys to boys. I don’t get it.  I am pretty damn sure you JUST saw each other in third period.
Whirlwind has a friend with the same name and they call each other, “Other Whirlwind”. The other day at swimming lessons Whirlwind saw “Other Whirlwind” and started running as fast at she could with her arms wide open yelling, “Other Whirlwind, Other Whirlwind!”.   They greeted with a huge hug. It was adorable.
But, I think that is where it should stop.
From now on the only people I want to greet with hugs are my friends and family that I haven’t seen for over 5 years.
Or if you do something really nice for me.  Like saving my children from choking on their daily hot dogs.