Pregnancy Induced Sex Dreams….

Pregnant Lily on “How I Met Your Mother”, is bringing me so much joy.  The writers have nailed it.  Having a person inside of you is a hot comedic mess.  Lily is  a hilarious wreck.  And its such a refreshing change.

Speaking of a refreshing change on television….

Are you watching, “Up All Night”?

I love, I love, I love this show.

You need to watch this show.

I love everything about it.

Plus, Watching Will Arnett as a father is such a damn turn on. 


I love this show, because I think I am the main female character.  I think I am Reagan. Reagan is everything I ever wanted to be in life.


Yes, a television character is living my dream life. 

Betchya that’s the first time you ever heard that?

Back to Pregnant Lily and  “How I Met Your Mother”…..

In last weeks episode, Marshall was getting jealous of Lily’s pregnancy induced sex dreams.  And it reminded me of my “greatest hits album” of pregnancy induced sex dreams.  
In no particular order;
I have had a pregnancy induced sex dream about Eddie Murphy.
I have had a pregnancy induced sex dream about me and tree.
And, I should win “Album of the Year”, for this next one….
I have had a pregnancy induced sex dream about me and Tim Hortons Coffee Cup.
And you thought your pregnancy induced sex dreams were good?  Ha. Beat that.