My Huge Boobs…

I have very large breasts.

Very large breasts.

Sometimes the odd friend will ask me if I am going to get a breast reduction. This pisses me off.  These are my breasts. It’s my choice isn’t it?  Are they embarrassed by my huge rack?  I don’t get it.   Do they think they are helping me out by letting me know that I have huge boobs?  Um, I know I have huge boobs.

My back knows it too.

So screw off.

When working out I wear 2 bra’s.  One in a size B Cup to hold those puppies in. And then one in  a DD to hold the B Cup Bra in place.  It’s hot, uncomfy and works like a damn charm.

I used to run with a group of ladies called “The Jiggling Diva’s”.

Mostly we just call ourselves “The Diva’s”.

I’m pretty much the only one that really “jiggles”.

Or bounces.

Or sways.

One day  four of us were out for a run.  We were running in a high traffic area.  I was feeling good. I was feeling strong. I was feeling confident.

Plus, I had on my 2 bra’s. Great support but, a tad embarrassing. They make my boobs really pointy.

Think Madonna pointy.

Actually, it looks exactly like I am wearing a cone bra underneath my running shirt.
So me and the “pointer sisters” are having a wonderful run with my Diva’s. Until this happened…
A car of young men slowed down by us,  one of them leaned his head out the window and yelled, “GET A SPORTS BRA!”
I was embarassed.
I was confused.
Would I put the sports bra under or over my other 2 bras?