I just spent $243 on groceries.

Mostly on  meat.

Sandwich meat, pepperoni, whole frying chickens, pork chops, sausages, smokies beef roasts and pork roasts. Pre made chicken wings and meatballs.  Even some fake crab meat.

Oh, and hot dogs. If you want to call that meat.

Big day for my freezer.

After leaving the store, and waiting for the traffic light to turn green,  I heard rustling to my left.  I looked and it was a semi truck pulling a crap load of cows. Well, not so much crap, because THAT was leaking down the sides and onto the road.  It was gross. It was smelly. And it was sad.

Then one cow looked at me.

Big time locked eyes with me.

And I felt like a giant fuck.

Oh God, Cow. I am sorry.

I was a vegetarian in grade 8.  And I don’t remember why.  I remember one of the boys in my grade looking it up in the dictionary. Which was totally flattering, I mean those boys cared about me, right?  Well, only to tell me that vegetarians had more flatulence than meat eaters.

Oh.  Okay.

Very entertaining.

But mostly, my experience with being a teenage vegetarian meant that I only at the loonie fries and not the loonie burger at the only restaurant in my town, The Miniota Motor Inn.

It also meant that I had to dig the minced fish out and eat the batter in my Mom’s signature meal, which was fish and chips from a box.