The Orgasm Backlash…

I’ve finally shared my blog with the world.

And by world I mean my Facebook page.

After the first day of sharing I was sick to my stomach.  In the middle of the night, I ran downstairs to the computer and jumped on Facebook and started messaging my friends to take “My Blog” off their Facebook Wall.  I was anxious.

But the worst was yet to come.

I blog alot about my friends. Usually, after I blog about them I send them the link to let them think they are super duper famous.   Tricky, eh.

Maybe my friends aren’t that bright. But, I like them.  Even in their skinny jeans and boots.

I usually do not ask for permission.  And it’s been a pretty successful system.


I was at a friends baby shower. And I had to leave a little bit earlier than the other guests. As I was trying to sneak out the Momma to be says, “Oh, now you are probably going to go home and blog about this totally boring baby shower that you were at!”

I laughed it off.

Then one of the guests said, “I just want to know who the woman is that has 3 orgasms!

My mouth dropped.

I don’t really blush.

But, do you know who did?  The hostess.

Her poor face was all sort of shades of red. Think tomatoe. Think Elmo.  Think Canada Flag.

Uh. Oh. This. Was. Not. Good.

I couldn’t get out of there fast enough.

As, I was driving home I was thinking about how I could have diffused the situation. How will I ever make this up to my friend?

Then I realized…

Um…. she has three orgasms every time she has sex.  Any woman who has three orgasms every time she has sex, is not capable of being mad for too long.