Mommy’s Got A Jerk Face…

Yup Mommy’s got a jerk face. But, I also have a face that let’s you know when I am having fun. And I had fun hitting Jillian Michaels in front of Super Model Tyra Banks. 

FABLife PHOTO CREDIT: DANNY FELD Danny Feld - Disney|ABC Home Entertainment and TV Distribution
Danny Feld – Disney|ABC Home Entertainment and TV Distribution

I’ve turned into THAT Mom.

I don’t know how it happened.

I am not sure why it happened…

Well, I have an idea possibly its because I am super competitive. But, I don’t mean to be.  I try to play it off like I am not, like I don’t care. But, I really really care.  I was born with it.  My family is just really good at stuff. My parents, my sister, my brothers.  We are just good at everything we do.  Except fixing things.  Carpentry, plumbing and anything to do with cars.

You hire people for that.

Oh, that reminds me, I’ve got a good story about that.

But for now, let’s stick with why I turned into a jerkface of a Mother.

Whirlwind has been taking swimming lessons for the last 8 weeks. And she is absolutely amazing at it. By far much more superior than the other kids in her class.

That would be problem #1.

Why did I even notice that? Why am I even saying that?  It’s a class for three to five year olds. No one is superior to the other.

Well, except my daughter.

Anywho, off I went to sign up Whirlwind for the next class and the woman working asked me if I was sure that she had passed onto the next level.

Me, very confidently and almost laughing: “Oh, I’m pretty sure…”

Front Desk Woman:  “Let me check.”

She goes and checks a file.

Front Desk Woman: “No. She didn’t pass.”

Me:  “Oh, there must’ve been a mistake.”

Front Desk Woman smiling: “No, there has been no mistake.”

Me, trying to explain: “Listen, I am not telling you that you are wrong, or that the teacher is wrong. But, there has been a mistake. Sometimes I notice he calls her by the wrong name.  And she has never missed a lesson.  And she puts her whole head under the water. I’m just telling you, there has been a mistake.”

Woman, who is now looking at me like I am a freak of nature, but speaking to me very nicely and not condescending and almost apologetic:  “You can take it up with the teacher.”

Me: “What about the other kids? Did they pass….because Whirlwind was doing everything she was supposed to do in that class. And she is leaps and bounds ahead of the other children.”

Woman, who may I add, is very good at her job:  “How about we just sign her up to take the class again and if anything changes you can come back and either get a refund or credit for next time.”

So, Whirlwind is taking Sea Otter. Again. Whatever. It doesn’t really matter.

What matters is that I have a lot to learn.  Especially from the Front Desk Woman.  I think I got Mother’ed by the Mother of all Mothers.

But, seriously, what the hell!  Whirlwind should really be a lifeguard by now.