"I’m Going To Play With The Tied Up Kid….."

We are night time potty training with Whirlwind.  She is such a sound sleeper that we are waking her up a few times a night and then have her walk to use the potty.

I went to wake her at 3:30 a.m. When I got there, I found her sound asleep and already wet.

“Oh, honey.  You’ve had an accident. Did you forget to get up and use the potty?” I said.

She deadpans, “You should’ve gotten me up.”

So, it was my fault.


After cleaning up the mess and getting back into bed,  I got the giggles and woke up Zed.  He just sort of smiled and sighed and we went back to sleep.

The next morning he was asking Whirlwind what happened last night and how come she wet her bed.

She deadpans, ” Mommy should have gotten me up.”

So, again. It was my fault.


I hated wetting the bed when I was a kid. Mostly because My Mom would then hang my mattress out on the clothes line to dry. That meant the entire neighbourhood could see the big stain.

Totally humiliating for an eight year old.

I can still see it now. I can still see it hanging. I still feel embarrassed.  I just didn’t want the local jerk boy seeing it. 
Which is really funny now that I think back at it. Why did I care what he thought?
His parents used to tie him up to the swing set and let their dog run free.  
True Story.
I remember going over to play with him.  
So when the Saturday Night Skit came out with Mike Meyers and Nicole Kidman, I didn’t find it that funny.  
Okay, I am lying.  I found it hilarious.     

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Poop.  Pee. Pimples.  
There, I feel better.