I Want My Own Stuff…..

My morning routine consists of Whirlwind saying,  “Mommy, can we do eyes?”

Eyes, you ask?

It means she wants to “do her makeup” with me. 

It’s cute. It keeps her busy, while I am busy.

At times it can be annoying.

Like, the time she licked my brand new bamboo bronzer brush.

Or the time she put mascara in her hair.

Or the time I found my eyelash curler stuck in Baby Bots mullet.

Or the time show choked on one of my rings.

She makes a bloody mess. I don’t even bother to tidy up my stuff anymore. My makeup drawer has no rhyme or reason.  It’s embarrassing as hell. I hope my Hot Cleaning Lady never opens it.

But, each and every day I forget about the mess she makes and how annoying she is and let her “do her eyes” while I get ready for work. 

Yesterday she looks in my make up drawer and says to me, “You should clean this mess up.”

Sure. I’ll get right on that.

Right after you quit drawing on the toilet seat with my lip gloss.

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