The Vow…..

I am so fucking sick of all these movies geared towards fifteen year old boys and their disposable income. I do NOT want to watch all these stupid horror movies. Or whatever the hell you call them. I just don’t.

I don’t.

I don’t.


I’ve been waiting since December 28th to take my Mom to a movie. And my Mom loves chick flicks.  The first chick flick that arrived was The Vow. We went to see it a few nights ago and the movie theatre was pretty full. So obviously, “movie people”, we weren’t the only ones waiting.  So there


Side Note:

There were lots of people there that I knew.  I waved at one group and said hello and then “R”  flashed me some grey looking blanket thingy. I looked at her like “What the fuck?” and she announced it was her receiving blanket for when she cried.



Seriously. That’s a bit bizarre. Or possibly genius.

Anyways. The movie was fine. It was everything a chick flick should be.

For example: Channing Tatum, whoever the hell he is, is beautiful. But his thighs are so huge he totally walks funny. Did anyone else notice this? And his neck. Like a bull. But,  that fedora he wears when they first meet… that was stupid. You looked like an idiot.

 Now I know it wasn’t his choice to wear a fedora. But, I really think these hats only look good on really cute women. Whimsy looking women. And that’s all I am going to say about that.

One thing that often happens to me at movies is that I get upset about my life. I end up hating my house, my clothes, my friends and my family.  I want my life to be just like the movie.

So, now I want Zed to own a music studio.  And, I think I might quit my job and become a sculpter. Sculptess, Sculpter’er?


FYI:  Rachel McAdams is now the new love of my life. I just need to get her to meet Jason Bateman.