Salad Eating Mommy…..

I would like to lose thirty pounds.  This is not news.

And its pretty important to me that I try to keep these facts from my kids. I grew up feeling fat even when I wasn’t. I went on my first diet when I was ten years old.  Then there was the diabetic diet, the nutritionists, the doctor visits, the cookie diet (remind me to tell you about my addiction to those!), TOPS and many more.  I actually don’t really feel like thinking about it. It upsets me.

I just don’t want to pass any of this crap onto Whirlwind.  We have one scale in the house that Whirlwind thinks is to to tell her how old she is. I am not sure why or how this started. Probably my obsession with her not being obsessed with weight.

Well, it has turned into an obsession with age.  You see, she weighs thirty pounds.

So whenever she gets on the scale and it stops on thirty, I say, ” Yup, you are three.”

But, the day after she turned four, I heard her say she was going to see how old she was.

I didn’t quite get it.  Then she yelled, ” MOMMY! IT SAYS I AM STILL THREE!”

Uh oh. Busted. Think quickly.

“It must be broken, silly machine.”  I know, I know. I am real quick on my feet.  Note the sarcasm.

But, she was happy with that. And hasn’t mentioned it since.

Okay, what was I really talking about here? Oh right.

So, my parents are visiting and at supper the other night everyone was eating salad, garlic bread and lasagna. I decided to just have a salad

Whirlwind looks at my salad and announces, ” Mommy is having salad for supper.”

Then My Mother (Nana the Instigator) says, ” I wonder why that is, Whirlwind?”

“Because she’s lucky.” Whirlwind answers and continues to eat her garlic bread.

Which struck me as hilarious. Practically pant wetting material. I’m not sure if it was right or wrong. I am not sure if I will ever have it right.  I am not sure if I will every really know what I am doing. I am sure I am messing her up beyond belief.  But, I think she will be okay.  Lucky Mommy? You got that right.