To Google Or Not To Google…..

Brrrring, Brrrriiiing  (That’s the phone)

Me:  Hello

Friend: I have an extra ticket to a wine tasting tonight. Do you want to go?

Me: Honestly, yes. But, things are pretty tight here…and with me still being on Mat Leave….and the new house….I really cannot afford it.

Friend: Well, that’s fine, because it’s my treat. I bought three extra tickets to take three of my friends.

Me:  Let me get changed.

I hadn’t been to an actual “event” in months. I truly had nothing to wear.  I didn’t even know what was in style. There was only one thing I could do.

Google it.

It works for baked brie recipes.

I use it to identify rashes.

And its also great if you want to know how birds have sex.

So, here I was still wearing my pajamas from the night before. My friend was to pick me up in one hour. I was desperate. I was sick. I was scared. I was sweaty.

I Googled : “whats in style fall 2011 fat moms”

Here is what I got.

The link for the reality show from MTV called, “I used to be fat”.  Well, that’s not going to work, because I am still fat. Stupid Google.

Then something about Christina Aguilera.

Then a Beef Brisket Recipe.  Mmmmm. Smart Google.

I wonder if I could put some sort of BBQ sauce on that. Maybe even use the slow cooker. Mmmm. Biscuits with butter. What is a brisket?

Long story short,  I wore my maternity pants.