The Girl With The Three Big O’s…..

A few months ago, I got together with a few girlfriends for a little Christmas party. Fantastic food, good wine, giggling women and lots of great talk.  I am not sure how these conversations start with my friends.  They begin something like this…..

How much do you pay your house cleaner?


What did you put in that baked brie?


Where were those diapers on sale?

And then, somehow…..

You had HOW many orgasms?

My beautiful friend announced that whenever she and her husband have sex, she gets mad if she doesn’t have three orgasms.



Um…. doesn’t that seem like a lot of excess work? Truly, I believe that one is enough to make it a good evening.  Or month.  At our house, one is enough to make it conversation for the next morning.

It goes exactly like this…

Zed:  “That was awesome last night.”

Me:  “I know, we should do that more often.”

Then we high five.

And that ladies and gentlemen is how we rock it at my house.

Three.. schmee.