Mommy Faux Pas

You know those Moms that I usually judge and make fun of because they are uber parents?

Yes, I used the word uber again.


Well, today I found myself committing a Mommy’s Weird Faux Pas.

I got involved.

But, I didn’t really mean to. It seemed like the natural thing to do.

I was picking Whirldwind up from Pre School. As soon as I walked in the door, I was instructed to take my shoes off and head to the back room.  It’s Dinosaur Week and the back room was converted into a series of tunnels, ponds and piles of … of….of… stuff.

Immediately, I crawled through the first tunnel.

“Way to go …there’s a good Mom!” said the Pre School Instructor.

Wait. Huh. Was I the only person crawling through the tunnels?

I pulled up my stretchy jeans from half way down my flat ass and looked around.

Yup. Just me.

There were lots of different tunnels. So, I was talking a well deserved break from the first one. When I heard a Mom say to her son, “Oh, I don’t think I will fit through there.”

And because I have turned into “Uber Parent”, I say, “If I did, you can!”

Mostly, I’d like to tell you I said that because I was having fun and encouraging her to do the same. But, honestly, I said it b.c it was literally true. She was HALF the size of my thigh.

At this point it was time to leave the Dinosaur Decorated back room. I could have stood up and walked out, like everyone else.  But, at this point, I realized that I was the only parent crawling through the tunnels. And because I like the attention, I crawled out of the last tunnel.

And, like a good Pre School Ieacher should, I was praised again, ” Good Work, Mom”.

I wonder what I will get to do next week?!