Why It’s Mommy’s Weird….

I love being smart and witty on my facebook status. I think I am hilarious.

Within the same week, I had two friends approach me about writing a blog, jumping on twitter and vlogging on youtube.

It was a sign, I tell you.

The more I thought about it, the more I started to realize how hilarious/wonderful/smart/pretty I am and that those are all great blogging qualities. Especially the pretty party.  I used to Live Journal and loved it. Plus, I am hilarious.

This hilarious thing is starting to become a theme.


So, I jumped on Facebook looking for names for my blog. After about 50 suggestions, I was stuck. I was strongly pushing for ” My Hooky from Nooky”, but then I realized if I did name my blog this, I would never have sex again and that’s even less sex then I am having now.

The next day at supper Whirlwind was running around the dining room table, pushing her shopping cart and  singing, “Mommy’s weird, Mommy’s weird, Mommy’s weird.”

I looked at Zed.  He looked at me. And we heard the Blog Angels sing.