The One Where I Get Kicked….

My daughter is so much like me its scary.  She looks like me. She speaks like me. And unfortunately she acts like me.  I watch Whirlwind with her other little friends and she is the one talking poopy and pee. Just doing whatever she can for a laugh.

But, this wasn’t so funny.  Okay… it is really funny.  But, you know me. I think all my stories are hilarious.  But, in this case, I was a bit more embarrassed than entertained.

It was our first day at our new daycare. And Baby Bot’s very first daycare experience.  I was very anxious about things. Here I am leaving the most important people in my life with a stranger. I mean, I’m their safe haven. I am the one who is supposed to make all the right decisions.  I’m their home.  I’m their Mom.

Oh. My. God. I AM THEIR MOM.

So.. yes. I was a bit anxious, nervous, sick, worried.

So here I was explaining to our Day Care Lady, all of Baby Bot’s little quirks, eating habits, nap times and so on.

And here she comes.

My little Whirlwind.

She walks over to me, kicks me and asks, “When are you leaving?”

I think she’ll be just fine.