Dispute This!

I used to just sit back and take it.

Take the bad service.  Take the snide remark.  Take the hole in the already bought sweater.  Take the hair in my fries.

Recently, while at a comedy club, my friend and I,  were taken to the worst table in the joint. Very front and beside the stage.  We wouldn’t have been able to see a thing. We get to the table, I don’t say anything right away except an.. “Ummmmmmmmm?”

The hostess looks at us and says, “I am just going to leave before you dispute it.”

Which struck me as hilarious!  And now one of my favourite lines when people are about to disagree with me.

For example:

People:  ” Excuse me, Ma’am, you just hit my car with your car door?”

Me: ” No. I didn’t. And… I am just going to leave before you dispute it.”

Back to the story….

The hostess has to fill that table.  She is doing her job.  It’s in the front. It’s good for the comedian to have that seat full.

But, not by me.

I wave her back, point at a different table, and with no questions asked she moves us to a fantastic table.

And, then I watch other people get seated at the table.  The hostess doesn’t even “try” to seat men at that table. Only women. I’d like to add that they were all quite young and very good looking. No wonder she tried to seat my girlfriend and I there?!

And eventually, two young women end up taking the table. And they are not happy about it. But, they didn’t dispute it.  They just sat and took it.  And they were spit on the entire night. The comedian was one of those  guys that like to make tons of sound effects. Really wet motor ones.

I’m very glad I didn’t sit back and take it.  I’d probably still have influenza.