Sticky Fingers…

There is nothing worse than doing “The Walk of Shame” I remember it well.  At the same time, you should never do “The Walk of Shame”, it shouldn’t even be an option. After you knock boots. You should just leave.


Do not spend the night.  Ever.

In this case it was more of a “binge of shame”.

Like a crack addict, I needed wings.

I needed them now.

I needed them fast.

So here I was sitting on the kitchen floor, fishing through take out menus, trying to find a place that will give the biggest high for my money.

I find the place I want to order from.

I make the call, I order thirty wings.

And then my dealer on the other end says, “Hi Kyla!”

My voice from the radio. The call display. The fact I order from there 2x a month.  I don’t know. I was just busted.

And like a good addict I had to cover this all up. So I said, ” Oh, I was hoping you wouldn’t recognize me, I don’t really want anyone to know that I am ordering thirty wings at nine o’clock at night…”

My dealer said, ” Oh, okay……?”

What he should have said was, ” Honey, you didn’t get to be over 200 pounds by not eating wings at nine o’clock at night!”

I felt a little embarrassed.

I would have been more embarrassed had someone watch me attack that mess of wings. Honey Garlic Sauce in my hair, Sweet Chili Thai Sauce on my hands and under my nails and BBQ sauce on my cheeks.

And to top it all off. Diarrhea the next morning.

Best. Night. Ever.