None of us have it all together…..

This is a Facebook message that I was sent last week from a friend. I’ve made the odd change so you feel like you are part of my posse.
You are going to love this…..

M:  Well that was a first. I’m so distracted trying to get ready for work…. that this morning in my rush to get my oldest to school, I dressed our one year old…..sans diaper. Yes, somehow I managed to get her dressed even doing up a diaper shirt, without noticing that she was commando! Needless to say, that added a car seat washing, carpet cleaning, bath, change of clothes to my morning!!!! I’ll be glad when this weekend is over!

I’m such a space cadet I couldn’t even figure out why she was so wet! I thought she sat in snow that the dogs brought in or something. Lol.

I friggn’ LOVE this.  
And I friggn’ love that she shared this, knowing full well that I have a blog!

I’ve been pretty “all over the place” about returning to work this week. I’m a happy, mad, sad, glad Hippo.  Possibly even a bitchy, itchy, without gitchy Hippo.  Remind me to write THAT children’s book.
So I talked to M on the phone today and she reminded me of the above story and to….. “Remember, none of us really have it all together. We are just surviving. Doing our best and eating fast food every night of the week.”
And she is right.
I do love me some McDonald’s.
Maybe this back to work thing won’t be that bad.