Like, like it like it.

When Baby Bot was weening himself from breastfeeding, I was ecstatic. I was getting my freedom back. Considering he wouldn’t take a bottle, I was unable to leave the house for more than 2 hours.

For example, one night out with some Hot Mom’s, Zed called me very apologetically to hurry home because he could not get Baby Bot to stop crying.

I wasn’t upset that the baby needed me. Or that Zed called.  It was nice to feel needed. I was just a little ticked off because I had to miss dessert.

So, yes, the best part of Baby Bot weening himself was freedom.

And … getting drunk.  Not 2 glasses of wine drunk, which is pretty much all it takes. But a good bottle of wine to myself kind of drunk. I think I am a great drunk. Which really means I am an annoying, loud and arrogant drunk.

So back to whatever the hell I was talking about…..

I miss breastfeeding my little boy.  It was so beautiful. I loved looking down at his big blue eyes as he chowed down.  I loved stroking his little head. I loved those quiet moments. Just the two of us.  It almost felt like he was saying, “Thanks Momma”

A friend of mine sees it much differently. She is sure that while she feeds her daughter her daughter is thinking, “I own you.”

Which is probably true.

Whirlwind hated breastfeeding. She gave up at 6 weeks. So I never knew that breastfeeding would be something that I would really enjoy.

Not enjoy ENJOY.


Which reminds me of one of my most favourite stories ever.

A good friend of mine was really scared to breast feed. Her breasts are/were a big part of her sex life. She was afraid she would like it. Like, like it like it.

But as most new mothers know, things change after that first extremely painful latch in the hospital.

Big Time.

I thought only your heels could blister and bleed.