I Have No Shame and Whirlwind Says…

Look to your right.

See that button there?

Click on it.

I am sick and desperate and I need to be one of the Top 25 Canadian Mom Bloggers at Circle of Mom’s.

I only need 180 more votes by 3 p.m. today. He he.

Oh the ways I amuse myself.

How about a Whirlwind Says?

Today while dropping Whirlwind off at preschool she says,  I don’t want you to take Baby Bot inside. Because some other Mommy might take him home.”

I’m thinking…awww…. so beautiful. Isn’t she the sweetest? And I should have kept my trap shut. But, I can’t. My need to fill dead air.

So, I say, “Oh. And you would you miss him?”

“No.” She says, ” I mean, yes… No. I wouldn’t.”


Did I mention vote for me?