Gwyneth is Pretentious…

Celebrity not only fascinates me but it also disgusts me.

It’s such a mixed up world that I really would love to be a part of.

So much, that I have been holding off sharing my love of Chelsea Handler because I truly think we will become friends one day and I don’t want her to find my blog and NOT be my friend because she thinks I am just a stalker.

It could happen.

The friend with Chels part.

I guess the stalker part could happen too.


I am pretty sure that Gwyneth Paltrow would NOT be my friend.  Not, that I want her to. But, I am pretty sure that she thinks I am below her.

And we are not talking height.

Watched her in this the other night…..

And that girl can act.
Every scene that she wasn’t in was awful.  I mean that. Awful.
Gwynie was great. 
Is it true that Ben Affleck hates Harvey Weinstein because he “casting couched”, Gwyneth?
Am I making this up?
I am sure I heard that somewhere.
Just google’d it and found tons of pages.
Well, if you read it on the internet it MUST be true.