Whoa..during the day?

At super last night with 5 other girlfriends, one of the Mom’s told a story about her child walking in on she and her husband while having sex.

Personally I was horrified. 

Mainly for the child.  Because this happened to me when I was a kid and I haven’t really gotten over it. I can be walking down the mall, eating ice cream and BOOM, I’m hit of the visual of “The Clampett’s” getting it on.

Back to the story….

She wasn’t alone. A bunch of, “Oh I know,” and “I hate when that happens.”, chorused around the table.

Next thing you know everyone started sharing their stories of their kids catching them in the act and what they tell their children.

Everything from, “Mommy is just kissing Daddy” to “My husband is sure that is why Saturday morning cartoons were invented”.

And it was all in good fun.

Until it dawned on me.

Wait.  All 5 of them are having sex during the day?

It took a minute for my brain and mouth to catch up to each other, “Whoa.. whoa.. whoa… when are you guys having sex….I mean.. if your kids are catching you….”

What the WHAT.

Saying I was shocked was an understatement. How could they do this? When do they do this? How could I be the only person on the table that wasn’t nailing my husband when the sun was up?

Okay who am I kidding. I’m not nailing him when the sun is down.

I knew there was only one person on the planet who would take my side in this. I couldn’t wait to rush home and tell Zed.

He gave the exact reply that I expected from the man I love.

“What? DURING THE DAY? Don’t people work?”