What’s Your Number?

I went to a matinee today.



I need some friends.  Actually, I just had to get out of the house. And I didn’t want to go shopping or read the paper at Starbucks.

This is what I went to see…

Anna Faris (I already forget the characters name) is all obsessed with some Marie Claire magazine article that says most women have slept with only ten men and that if you sleep with over twenty men you will never get married. Or something.
I am not going to tell you my number. But doesn’t 10 seem really low?   Oh, I guess I just gave it away. 
But, in the spirit of what I do, I will tell you some of my friends numbers. Girlfriend #1 had slept with about 40 guys before her marriage. Girlfriend #2  slept with close to 30 men before her marriage.  But, I also have  Girlfriend #3 who lost her virginity and then never had sex again until she met her husband.
And truly, who really cares?
But, I think I would judge a little bit. For example; if I met a nineteen year old girl and she told me she had slept with over 30 men. I might be a bit concerned.  At the same time I really like girls/women who sleep with a lot of men. I find them daring. Well, the ones that don’t reek of desperation.  Those ones are just sad.   But for the most part, I love slutty people.
Side note: Remind me to tell you about College Roomie #1. She came to college a virgin and within 2 months was on to double digits. And I loved every minute of it.  She used to pull the blankets off her sleeping one night stands so that all of us Roomies could have a look. Now, that is a true friend.

Back to the movie….

I was really looking forward  to seeing Anna Faris in something that wasn’t so….. so….. Scary Movie’sh.  They showed WAY too much of her ass for my liking. At one point I groaned out loud. And now that I think of it, that probably sounded like a teenage boy “enjoying” all the shots of her ass in boyfriend panties. But, I was fucking sick of it by the end of the movie.

Dear Anna,

Come on girl, its time to join the big leagues. No more ass in movies. Okay?  Just ask Julia Roberts. Or that new Whitney girl that I see on EVERYTHING.


The girl in the 4th row sitting by herself