The Bite

It finally happened.

Baby Bot bit Whirlwind.

And he got her good. Tears, hugs and bag of peas kind of good.

Zed and I have been waiting for this day. When we brought Baby Bot home from the hospital Whirlwind began to attack. This is not embellished. She turned into a Mountain Lion.

It took us a while to catch on. We’d hear blood curdling screams from Baby Bot and have no idea what was going on.  Pinch. Hit. Squeeze. Carry. Jump on his head. And my personal favourite, bite.

I couldn’t go to the bathroom without taking a three day old baby with me.

And we didn’t know about the biting until we found the marks on his little body. I sort of couldn’t blame her. Babies are so cute. Don’ you just just want to bite their little cheeks? Or dip their toes in butter and sour cream?


We were pretty surprised when we heard two blood curdling screams. Turns out Whirlwind was giving Baby Bot a hug when he decided to get her at her most vulnerable.

Atta boy.