Sweet Dreams

I can be quite the silence filler.

One guy I work with says its because of our jobs in radio. We always feel the need to fill the dead air. That is why we say stupid things to regular people.

That sums me up pretty much perfectly.

So a couple of days ago at Pre School pick up, I want to fill the dead air and I with a big smile say, “Anyone else taking home wet glue?” 


Dead Air.

So I start talking about how Whirlwind wants to make cupcakes.

I know….

No one was talking about cupcakes.

And because I think she was feeling sorry for me. Someone replies. It’s Super Cute and Nice Mom! Super Cute and Nice Mom starts telling me how she loves baking with her kids.

I roll my eyes. Of course she does. 

You see baking at my house starts off good, but ends up with Whirlwind in about three time outs.

Super Cute and Nice Mom starts telling me about the amazing butter cream icing she found on  Martha Stewart website.

In shock I say, “You mean you don’t buy the icing?”

Super Cute AND Nice Mom says, ” Oh, I wouldn’t even know HOW to do that?”

Very excitedly I say, “Oh  God, there’s a whole aisle for that.”

I was super excited at this point. I guess I felt like it was MY turn to teach her. That this poor Super Cute AND Nice Mom has been lead in the wrong direction. That she must come back to the disheveled side. And I would be the one to welcome her, take her hand and show her the way.

I went to bed that night dreaming of Super Cute and Nice Mom finding that “oh so magic” aisle of boxed cake mixes and cylinders of icing.

I hope the angels sang.