How many exclamation marks?

I’m excited.

And honoured.

Mommy’s Weird has been listed as a “Good Read” on Mildred and Doris Gift Studio’s Blog!!!!!

I know, I know. FIVE EXCLAMATION MARKS!  But, I really am that excited and honoured to be part of such an amazing business. Mel is a long time friend who I have never met.

Is that a bit weird?

But, we are pretty much kindred spirits and I have a huge girl crush on her. Even more so now that she is back running her own business.  I want to be her when I grow up.

I love the premise of business. It’s all about friendships. Mostly, how to foster your friendships. And it can be really hard. That is why I love Mildred and Doris.  They are making it easier for women like me to send a little something to their friends.

Like this.. (hint, hint)

Or this…

Ha, Ha. It’s called the “Give Good ‘Stache Coffe Cozy”. Cracks me up.

Its been really hard to keep in touch with my friends that I have had for years. I’m busy with the kids. I live too far away. But, I think of my friends all the time. And, I think about phoning them all the time. But, I don’t want to be a bother. They are just as busy as I am. If not more.

Whoa…. getting deep.

Get me out of here.

Where was I?

Oh right.

Shout it from the rooftops!


I knew I was a big deal.