He got up and left?

When I go to the movies. I don’t usually pay THAT much attention to the people around me.

Unless they are texting.

Or if its a group of really hot twenty something guys. Especially if they just finished playing baseball. Or just rolled out of bed.  Or… anything.. really.

I am surprised that something DID get my attention. Clooney, Gosling, Giamatti and Seymour Hoffman in “Ides of March” were attention getting enough. 

Enter Mr. and Ms. Cologne.

Because of the cologne I was more aware of them then I usually would be. I was also aware of them because Ms. Cologne was talking on her phone during the previews and that really fucking annoyed me.

So, because of the cologne I saw what he did. Which was get up and leave during the movie. I thought this was weird and at the same time, I felt a bit bad that he had to leave this awesome movie to go and pee.

Which I don’t think he did.

Because when he came back and he reeked of MORE cologne.

Did he just leave to put on more cologne?

I guess he did.

He also went to Starbucks.

Now my movie theatre is not a “la te da” one. There is no Starbucks in the movie theatre lobby.

He actually had to physically leave the vicinity of the movie theatre to get his mocha on.

Zed and I laughed. I asked him if he would ever leave a movie and go get me a Starbucks.

He said, “No.”

And I said,  “I would never ask you to do that.”

Then I thought about it.

If it was a really shitty movie. Like, that stupid space one that Clooney was in, I might do that. But this isn’t about me, its about Mr. and Ms. Cologne.

Let’s recap or recappuccino if you will…..

During the movie, Mr. Cologne got up, walked to his car, drove to Starbucks, went through the drive through, drove back, parked his car and walked back to the movie theatre with two grande something somethings.

Oh….and put on some cologne somewhere in the process.

She better give him a blow job.