Zed and I had a date night last night.

We chose a movie. That we don’t have to talk. We have turned into those people that don’t say anything when they go out for supper.

When we first started dating we were out to dinner and I remember seeing a couple in their 50’s and they weren’t talking during their meal. I said to Zed, “Let’s never be like that”.

Umm.. too late we are like that.
Usually I don’t pay THAT much attention to the people around me, unless it’s a group of really hot baseball player looking 20 year olds.

Lots of cologne so I saw what he did. Also great movie, so I thought it was weird when he left. And.. His girl friend was on the phone during previews which really fucking annoyed me. So I totally noticed when he got up and left. And then came back.. Reeking of MORE COLOGNE. And I thought.. Did he leave and put on more cologne. ALMOST.. He got up. Got in his car and drove to star bucks and came back with 2. Now my movie theatre is not a la te da one… there is no star bucks in the movie theatre lobby . HE DROVE TO STARBUCKS AND THEN CAM E BACK. Oh.. And put on some cologne somewhere in the process.

Zed and I laughed. I asked him if he would ever leave a movie and go get me a star bucks. He said No. And I said. And I would never ask you to do that.

Then I thought about it.

If it was a really shitty movie. Like.. That stupid space one that Clooney was in, I might do that. But, the guy left the movie, walked to his car, drove to star bucks drive through (I am guessing) drove back, applied cologne, walked back to the theatre. And gave his girl a star bucks.

She better give him a blow job.