Mysterious Movie Girl

I like to go to movies alone.


Well. Maybe that is not true. What I mean is….I don’t mind going to movies alone.  I would prefer company. But, if I can’t get something planned with a friend or find a babysitter, then I have no problem spending a few hours by myself watching something I really want to see.

But, not on a Tuesday. Or a Saturday. Too many people that will see me and think, “What a loser.”

My sister told me that people will just think I am interesting and confident. Mysterious Movie Girl.

I like the idea of that.  Maybe even more than actually going to the movies. The idea of strolling in and everyone stopping their popcorn eating because they are awestruck with my Mysteriousness.  Is that a word?


I haven’t always done this. It started the summer I was a nanny in California. I was miserable. I got really bored of spending my days off reading ENTIRE books in Borders Books.  So, I started going to matinees. That’s where I saw ” Saving Private Ryan”.   The first 20 minutes almost killed me.

Oh, that sounds really bad. Obviously, it didn’t really kill me like the 300 actors. But, I was so frightened I could hardly watch the opening scene. A man came over to ask me if I was “okay”, because I had my entire head under my cardigan.

My favourite cardigan.  It was my Dad’s and a great navy blue. And I still think about it.  I left it somewhere in Pleasantville California in a Starbucks.

Yesterday afternoon I went to see this…


It’s an okay movie. In fact, it could have been a fantastic movie had I not seen the entire movie in its previews. I guess it worked. The movie moguls lured me in. Took my $9.25 and spit me out.