I don’t know how she does it…

….nor do I really give a flying fuck.

But, I would give more than a fuck to Greg Kinnear.  He wears the sexiest glasses in the movie. But this scene made me want to rip my pants off.  Look at him.

Just beautiful. He is just so beautiful. I don’t think he has ever looked as good as he does in this movie.  So, the movie is worth seeing because Greggy Poo is in it.

It’s worth seeing SJP, too. The more I watch her, the more I want to be her. Well, at least have her hair. It’s fantastic.

I can relate to many things in this movie. High fashion. Travelling for work. Hot husband. Getting hit on by even hotter coworker.

I kid. I kid. Can’t relate to any of that. Well, maybe the hot husband part.

Side note: I only wrote that because Zed sometimes reads my blog.

It’s a good movie to see with some like minded Mommy’s. Because you could really have a great career/stay at home debate. I found myself cheering SJP on while she chased her career, because that is what I would do. And then a few hours later, I found myself  telling my girlfriend that I think I want to quit my job and

home with Whirlwind and BabyBot.
The movie made me do some debating with myself.

Anyways, my fav part of the entire movie going experience was before the movie even started. There was a man who tripped up the stairs and spilled his nachos. That was worth the price of admission.