Fail Big Daddy Fail

I’m heading to the Big City tomorrow to stay with a friend for a couple of nights. Sans kids.

I know.


But, the guilt.

It’s eating at me. My sister says that I will feel guilty either way so I my as well go. And she is right. If I stay home I will be such a miserable cow to my husband that he will wish that I had just got the hell out of the house.

He’ll be just fine without me. In fact as usual he will show me up. The house will be clean. Laundry will be done. Vehicles will be washed. Kids will be perfect.  He truly amazes me.

That reminds me of a story about another Mommy.  She had to go back to work early and her husband took the rest of the Parental leave.

Side note: This is very common where I live due to seasonal work and the men getting laid off.

So, for the first week it was driving her nuts because he seemed to be able to do it all. Cook, Clean, Shop. He could do it all. And he did it all very well. But, she knew there was NO WAY he could keep it all up. And after a week things sort of fell apart. And that made her happy.

Am I saying I want Zed to fail these next few days?  No. Not at all. It’s really the exact opposite. I want it to go really well so I can leave again.