The Change Up

  Zed and I had a date night a few weeks ago. There was really nothing to see. But because of my new found love of Jason Bateman,  (I hope his friends call him Batman. That would be the best nickname.) we decided that this was the best we were going to find that interested the both of us.

Side Note: One year for our anniversary we went to the movies.  While in the line Zed sees that “Transfomers” is playing and suggests that he would like to go and see that instead of the Rom Com that we had PLANNED to see.
Ummm…. No.
Ummm… Yes.
I went to the “Chick Flick” and he went to see “Transformers.”  We met in the lobby after the movie. It was a very romantic anniversary.
Did you like what I did there? Of course I cannot remember the name of the movie I went to see,  but I didn’t forget what he went to see.  I like to toss that story out there every time we stand in line to buy our movie tickets.
I never know if he is going to bail on me. At the same time I love this story because it explains our relationship perfectly. We are both fiercely independent people. We are “okay” with going to movies alone. We are “okay” with being alone. And we are “okay” with being together.
Back to Jason Bateman…
I was a big fan of Teen Beat and Tiger Beat. My room was FULL of posters of Michael J. Fox, Chad Allen and Kirk Cameron. I wasn’t into the Corey’s.
I had one picture of Jason Bateman. Mostly because I loved the twin brothers on The Hogan Family and he just happened to be in the same picture.  Also because I am a sicky and as a little girl  I also had the hots for the Dad.
LOOK AT HIM! I’d hit that. Hit that hard.
Now THAT is a Hot Dad.  I never really liked the Mom. The first Mom or the second Mom.
Back to the movie…
Besides getting confused every once and a while to who was in whom’s body, The Change Up is a pretty funny movie. Ryan Reynolds and Jason (first name basis) look pretty hot naked. My main problem was Ryan Reynolds hair.  It was friggn’ awful. Fix that, boy.