While in the van I gave Whirlwind a piece of licorice.

After she puts it in her mouth she announces, “I don’t like licorice.”

“Here, give it to me”,  I said as I reached back towards her seat.

I grabbed the uneaten piece and shoved the entire thing into my mouth like a homeless person. By the second bite I felt a gush of warm saliva slide into my mouth. Her saliva.


Even as I type this I can still feel it.


For some reason I can eat food off the floor and taste my own breast milk but when it comes to other peoples saliva……. not so cool.

It’s like when you are talking to someone and they accidentally spit on your face. The thing is the person who has spit on your face KNOWS that they have spit on your face. And they also know that it was an accident. But you just keep talking and the entire time you end up not knowing what they are talking about because all you can think about is their spit on YOUR upper lip. And you want to wipe it off, but you don’t want to be rude.  So you keep their spit on your face. And you both feel a bit embarrassed.

And since I am on a roll…

Another thing I hate is when you swallow food or take a sip of a drink while someone is clearing their throat. I always feel like I have just swallowed what they have cleared from theirs.

Okay. Enough.