Critical Old Ladies

Every Tuesday I go walking with a group of Mom’s. But because Whirlwind was being a Friggn’ Psycho this morning we didn’t go. So instead I am at home writing about our walks.

Wearing size 2x capri’s.


A few weeks ago there were 6 of us with our double strollers on our walks on a bike trail just out side of town.

Yes, I know what you are thinking. Gong show. Totally.

Kids are in and then out of the strollers.

Babies are crying.

Some of us end up walking alone. Some times with one ot two Mom’s. Or we are helping kids pee on trees.

Still, it’s a walk, vent and share sort of thing. And I love it.

Before I rant about The Critical Old Ladies, let me say that we are not stupid women. We are all in our mid thirties with college, university and masters under out belts.  If that doesn’t impress you. I am pretty sure we all know the alphabet. For sure we all know what the yellow line means on a paved trail.

Along comes the Critical Old Ladies. They pass four of the Momma’s.

And then when she gets to me she stops.

Of course she does.

Seriously…. this is my life.

She tells me that, “ You girls should really be careful with those double strollers b.c they are dangerous for bikers.”

Firstly, no one was on their side of the trail.

And secondly, shut the fuck up.

From now on I will take my kids to McDonalds and watch movies all day.

Side note:Women in there 60’s,70’s and 80’s get on my nerves. My Mom included. It’s like they had their 60th birthday and they can just share whatever opinion they have. Shut the fuck up. Pretend you are 40 and keep your opinion to yourself.

Or start a blog and share whatever opinion you have about me not dressing my baby properly for whatever season you decide it is.

Best part of the Critical Old Lady?

She wasn’t wearing a helmet.


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