Kids Logic….

For the most part Whirlwind and Baby Bot get along very well.

They absolutely adore each other.

I actually have to yell, ” Okay, you two, quit hugging and kissing! NOW!  That is enough. LET GO OF EACH OTHER. NO MORE KISSES! I mean it. STOP KISSING!”

Today while 3 year old Baby Bot was running around with his hockey stick, six year old Whirlwind was not impressed.

“Mommy, if he bugs me with that I am going to punch him in the face.” She said.

“Hey. That’s not nice.”  I said loudly from the other room.

“Okay.” She sighed. “But, I am going to punch him in the face when he is twelve. ”

“You got it.” I replied.

I’m pretty sure the hugging and kissing will be over by then.

It better be.

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4 thoughts on “Kids Logic….

  1. My brother and I had the opposite problem – we always fought when we were really little. Once, my mom was so annoyed with us that she gave us each boxing gloves and set us in opposite corners of the room and told us to go at it… at which point we both burst into tears. LOL.

  2. My brother and I also fought. Horribly. Not that I was an older bossy sister or anything. One day he’d had enough of me (he must have been about three or four) and just whipped his little penis out and peed all over my face. Boys can aim that way ya know. Not much I could do of equal grossness back to him!!

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